ASM Microbe 2025


Clinical Infections and Vaccines

The Clinical Infections and Vaccines (CIV) track encompasses clinical and epidemiological studies in adult and pediatric infectious diseases, global health issues, including emerging infectious diseases and tropical medicine, and recent developments and clinical studies in vaccines. This track is designed for infectious diseases physicians, clinical microbiologists, epidemiologists, public health officials and pharmacists to learn about the latest advances in clinical and basic science.

  • CIV01 - Clinical Studies of Adult Infectious Diseases, including Epidemiology and Clinical Trials. 

  • CIV02 - Infection Prevention and Control including Healthcare-associated Infections. 

  • CIV03 - Global Health. 

  • CIV04 - Transplant Infectious Diseases. 
  • CIV05 - Pediatric Infectious Diseases. 

  • CIV06 - Vaccines and Immunization Science. 

  • CIV07 - Infection Biology and Dynamics.