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Spectrum Staff Contacts


Spectrum Staff Contacts

The best way to reach our staff is via the Microbiology Spectrum inbox. The inbox is always monitored, and so this will ensure that you receive a timely answer to your query.

Assistant Managing Editors: Jessica Kanotz & Joseph Schwartz

Managing Editor: Adrianna Borgia

Managing Scientific Editor: Anand Balasubramani

Editorial Associate: Melinda Liles

Production Editor: Becky Zwadyk

Question Who to Contact? How?
Something is missing from the manuscript (previous reviews/responses to review, files essential for peer review). Melinda Open a consult in eJP
You are having problems with the system or your account (decision is queued, unable to log into account, need help updating an account, need to merge duplicate accounts). Melinda Open a consult in eJP (or forward the email to the journal inbox)
An author sends an appeal request via email. Melinda Forward the email to the journal inbox
Questions about an accepted manuscript (requests for a waiver, questions about article posting time). Production Forward the email to the journal inbox
Question about journal policy or peer review procedures or ethics concerns. Adrianna, Jess, or Joe Open a consult in eJP, message on Slack, or email directly
Questions about scope, reviewer suggestions, appeals or what decision to make on the paper. Senior Editor Open a consult in eJP


Consults are an effective way of discussing manuscript-specific questions with senior editors and Spectrum staff, as they ensure that the discussion remains a part of the manuscript record. To open a consultation session, go to the tasks tab and click on the “Open Consultation Session” link.

Screen grab with Tasks tab highlighted showing Open Consultation Session

In the next screen, potential consultation participants are listed by role. Add who you would like to consult with to the list on the right, enter a comment in the box below and click “Initiate Session.” You will be notified via email when there is a reply from the other participants.

Consultation screen


We also encourage you to reach out to us and other editors on our Slack channel! If you do not have access to Slack, please contact us.