What's Hot in the Microbial Sciences

What's Hot in the Microbial Sciences

With a nod to ASM Microbe 2023, which was held in June in Houston, Texas, this issue of "What's Hot" explores research conducted by speakers and conveners of some of the ASM Microbe sessions. Visit the ASM Microbe page and search the scientific program to access more information about the sessions.

Synthetic Biology and Ocean Health

The world’s oceans are threatened by human activities. Researchers discuss ways to leverage synthetic biology to address plastics pollution.

Novel Antibiotic Mounts a 2-Pronged Attack on Cell Envelope

Multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria are a grave threat to human health. Could teixobactin, a novel antibiotic that selectively targets the bacterial cell envelope, hold potential as a human antibiotic agent?

Phage Therapy to Treat Multidrug Resistant Infections

Not surprisingly, MDR pathogens are also emerging as a major threat in common infections like urinary tract infections (UTI). New developments in phage therapy are showing promise to combat AMR UTIs.

Lessons From the Assembly and Transmission of Single-Seed Microbiota

The microbiota within seeds of agriculturally important plants exhibit roles in ending seed dormancy, improving seed germination and helping ward off plant pathogens. Characterizing seed microbiota may, therefore, permit improvements in plant phenotypes that could have important agricultural ramifications.

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