ASM Announces 2022-2023 ASM Distinguished Lecturer Roster

June 29, 2022

The American Society for Microbiology has announced the ASM Distinguished Lecturer (ASMDL) Roster for 2022-2023. ASM congratulates all the new and returning Lecturers. The ASMDL Program annually selects a scientifically diverse group of lecturers who are available to speak at local ASM Branch meetings throughout the U.S. Lecturers are chosen through a competitive nomination process and only the most distinguished lecturers and researchers are chosen to participate in the program.

The ASMDL Roster includes 2 Waksman Foundation Lecturers, supported through funding from the Waksman Foundation for Microbiology, with research topics primarily focused in antibiotics, translational research and/or environmental microbiology.

Since its founding over 55 years ago, the ASMDL program has been a mainstay of Branch programming, and has enhanced the scientific content available at the local level. The program reaches thousands of microbiologists, including students, every year and extends the reach and impact of ASM throughout the U.S.

2022-2023 ASM Distinguished Lecturer Roster:

  • Esther Babady, Ph.D. D (ABMM), FIDSA, F(AAM), (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York).
  • Jason Bartz, Ph.D. (Creighton University School of Medicine, Omaha, Neb.).
  • Miriam Braunstein, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, N.C.).
  • César de la Fuente, Ph.D., Waksman Foundation Lecturer (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.).
  • Kristen DeAngelis, Ph.D., Waksman Foundation Lecturer (University of Massachusetts,  Amherst, Mass.).
  • Steve Diggle, Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.).
  • Igor Jouline, Ph.D. (Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio).
  • Carolina López, Ph.D. (Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, Mo.).
  • Shannon D. Manning, Ph.D. (Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.).
  • Karen Maxwell, Ph.D. (University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada).
  • Kim Orth, Ph.D. (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas).
  • Kristin N. Parent, Ph.D. (Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.).
  • Suresh D. Pillai, Ph.D. (Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas).
  • Mecky Pohlschroder, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.).
  • Federico Rey, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisc.).
  • Wun-Ju Shieh, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D., Dr.PH (h.c.) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—retired).

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