Our Work

We are committed to ensuring that microbiology serves society at large. We provide training, resources and opportunities to help our members engage and build relationships with individuals, communities and public audiences around science-related issues.

Why Is Public Engagement With Science Important?

Public engagement with science is an approach that “allows people with varied backgrounds and scientific expertise to articulate and contribute their perspectives, ideas, knowledge and values in response to scientific questions or science-related controversies.”

Effective public engagement involves efforts that promote dialogue between subject-matter experts, local community, policymakers and other stakeholders for the purpose of achieving mutual learning, instead of one-way dissemination of scientific content to a receptive audience.

Importantly, public engagement with science is responsive to issues and topics that are relevant to diverse audiences, not just the scientific community.

Our Public Engagement program provides resources, training and outlets to facilitate strategic engagement between ASM members and the science-interested public on topics related to the microbial sciences in order to raise visibility of the field and be the leading source of microbiology information and expertise for a scientifically literate audience.

Science Festival

Future microbiologists engage in one of ASM's science festival activities.

Public Engagement Opportunities

Learn how to get involved with ASM programs and activities.

Communication Training Courses

Develop your communication skills by participating in expert-led courses that offer practical experience.

Grants and Funding Programs

Browse and apply for funding to support your own public engagement activities.

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