ASM organizes regular activies and events that allow members and stakeholders to interact with broad audiences about microbiological topics. Read about our current opportunities below!

Agar Art

Our world-famous Agar Art Contest has been running since 2015. Participants use microbes painted on agar to produce images and works of art that showcase the field of microbiology. Every year, ASM partners with universities and community labs to organize hands-on workshops that allow participants to learn Agar Art techniques. We also host art exhibits that showcase various Agar Art works at locations around the country.

Agar Art

Wikipedia Editing

Wikipedia is increasingly of the most popular resources for scientific information. To help do our part, our Wikipedia edit-a-thon group meets monthly to update, improve and sometimes even create articles about microbiology topics. Participants add content, update page information and find references that help to increase the reliability and usefulness of relevant Wikipedia pages. Everyone is welcome, and no editing experience is necessary!

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ASM Microbe

ASM's annual meeting provides a unique opportunity to bring together meeting attendees with members of the host community. To capitalize, we organize public-facing activities that provide spaces for conversation and interaction between ASM scientists and community members. Events take place throughout the local community and showcase a wide range of engagement strategies and platforms.

Moving Farm Tour at ASM Microbe 2022

Reddit Ask Me Anythings (AMAs)

Reddit Ask Me Anythings (AMAs for short) allow for direct interaction between subject matter experts and general audiences. ASM works with the moderators on the r/askscience subreddit to host microbiology-themed discussions. Click here to see a list of past AMAs.

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