Career Development Grant for Postdoctoral Women

The Career Development Grant for Postdoctoral Women, provides up to $2,000 to 3 postdoctoral women to travel to a meeting, visit another laboratory, take a course or event to enhance your research and/or leadership skills. The grant will be awarded to enhance the careers of postdoctoral women with outstanding scientific accomplishments. The cash award must be used within the same year of receiving the award, from Mar. 15, 2024 – Dec. 31, 2024.

The deadline for the grant application was Feb. 15, 2024, 11:59 p.m. ET

Program Details

Once you receive your travel award, you will be required to:


For the Career Development Grant for Postdoctoral Women, the eligibility requirements are as follows: 
  • Identify as a woman scientist. 
  • Hold a doctoral degree. 
  • Have no more than 5 years of cumulative postdoctoral experience. 
  • Perform postdoctoral work in microbiology at an U.S institution.   
  • Be an ASM postdoc member.  
Please note women who have previously won the award are not eligible for a second award. 


The deadline for the Career Development Grant for Postdoctoral Women was Feb. 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Please use the application portal to submit your application. The application portal will close on the deadline.

Application Outline
The Application Should Include: 
  1. A candidate’s statement, no more than 2 paragraphs, single-spaced (2,000-character max) that addresses the following components: 
    • Please describe your career and/or research goals including any experiences or accomplishments that have shaped your career and/or research goals.
    • Describe the gaps toward achieving your career and/or research goals and how the proposed activity will facilitate your career development.   
  2. Explaination of candidate's involvement with ASM within the last 3-5 years in 2,000 characters max, including the following activities: 
    • Attendance to ASM sponsored meetings. 
    • Submission of manuscripts to ASM journals.
    • Involvement in ASM’s volunteer opportunities. 
    • Any other ASM activities not listed above.  
  3. A CV that includes: 
    • All publications with candidate's name bolded.
    • A list of all oral and poster presentations. 
    • List of all awards.   
  4. A PDF document addressing these answers:
    • Name of your proposed meeting/course/laboratory,
    • Location of your proposed meeting/course/laboratory,
    • Date(s) of your proposed meeting/course/laboratory,
    • Links on your proposed activity if it’s a meeting/course,
    • A letter from the visiting lab PI if you are proposing to visit a lab,
    • A table outlining your budget that includes costs for airfare/train, accommodations, meals and ground transportation. 
    • A bulleted list of other funding options that you have.
  5. One recommendation form from candidate's postdoc advisor. The recommendation form must address:
    • The candidate’s accomplishments. 
    • How the proposed activity will make a difference in the candidate’s career—what are the candidate’s career goals and how will the activity help them reach their career goals? 
    • Whether the postdoc advisor can provide additional funds to support the candidate in the proposed activity. If yes, please explain what additional funds you can provide to support the candidate in the proposed activity. 

The selection committee will announce awardees by late-March 2024.


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Contact: Shilpa Gadwal